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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 29, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news. >> san francisco's mayor responds to allegations of perjury tonight following a strange interruption of his testimony at a city ethics hearing. good evening. >> there are several new twists tonight in the ethics commission investigation of the suspended san francisco sheriff. first word of a bomb scare put things on hold and new at ten at least one official suggested a conspiracy. eric is live at city hall with the unusual developments. >> reporter: the mayor was in the middle of testifying here today when the hearing was suddenly put on hold. the official word is that a threat was made against city hall but not everybody is buying it.
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san francisco mayor was in the middle of testifying when a member of his security team whispered in his ear. >> meeting is adjourned. we will tell the parties when we can resume. >> reporter: police eventually said a threat to city hall was responsible for the interruption anda that it was not connected to the hearing about if the sheriff should loose his job. the may orzos opinioned the sheriff after he pleaded guilty to . one supporter isn't satisfied with the explanation for why the mayor was pulled off the stand. >> why did they stop the meeting? i think that it he was -- i think he was going to be led down the road of what an official should do if someone is lying under another. >> reporter: building information commission era ceus the mayor of lying under o, th during this exchange. >> before you decide to file written charges here did you talk to any members of the
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board of supervisors about whether or not you should do so? >> i did not. >> reporter: walker said lee did have a talk with a supervisor. she reportedly denied it and the mayor's office said he stands behind his comments. you feel the mayor was truthful? >> i leave that to others. >> reporter: now the next issue to be decided is the former sheriff's wife will return to testify when the hearing resumes shelf is asking for the mayor to pay for the plane ticket. >> during his testimony the mayor said he would find it very difficult to work with the sheriff if he gets his job back. and the mayor said he believes he is guilty of domestic violence. the sheriff said he has been branded and that he is sad and
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embarrassed. he said he wished he had a berter strategy to deal with the media and the fall out from his actions. >> the pastor of a christian church in fairfield is in jail on charges that he sexually abused boys and girls, some as young as 11. police removed computers and other items from saint timothy church. they were tipped off yesterday by a officials at the church. last night 65-year-old pastor was arrested. fairfield police describe how it happened. >> it was explained as being normal and -- it was really contacting within -- inappropriate and illegal but. >> reporter: police say the abuse happened over a period of 16 years. the pastor is married a family. he is being held on a half million dollars bail and is scheduled to be arraigned monday. in 18 minutes an alleged victim of priest abuse takes
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the stand. will lynch and his testimony in his own defense. him sunday three fire stations will close and more than a dozen firefighters will loose their jobs. the stations in the east contra costa fire protection district. fire houses in bethel island and brentwood will close. new we are live in brentwood to explay how a failed parcel tax is behind it. >> reporter: at 8:00 monday morning 15 firefighters will be laid off and three stations will close including number 54 in downtown brentwood. tonight the firefighter who work here in vited us in for a for and a chat before the lights go out. >> home for us for 48 hours. >> reporter: the station has been around for 80 years, it has that log cabin, man cave feel. >> how much of this stuff we want to take and continue or we want to start fresh. >> reporter: this weekend they will pack it up.
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memories and all. >> just a little something, lets us remember. >> reporter: at 8:00 a.m. on sunday three of the six firefighters on the walls will be part of the layoffs and station 54 will close. >> going to be very sad. spent a lot of time here, spent a lot of time with the firefighters and it'll be sad. republican the only way to reverse the cut s is if a click of a mouse brings good news. every friday the chief checks to see if his department name is on the grant list. >> we can keep our fingers cross that something will come through but for now we need to prepare to live with in our means. >> reporter: the they cut three million dollars from the budget. that translates to closing three stations and laying off 15 firefighters. >> we will work with in our budget with the three engining.
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>> reporter: that it sounds daunting to me. >> it is. >> it'll be very difficult for us to do what we do with the resources we have. >> reporter: the countdown is on for station 54's last call. now the chief is hoping that other fire protection districts will hire his laid off firefighters or that one friday he opens up his internet and sees that he has that fema grant to let him hire them back. >> starting this it sunday the emoryville fire department will be under new management. beginning july 1st the two fire stations will be operated and staffed by thal media county fire department. they made the change as part of a budget cutting move. we have been told that all of the firefighters were hired by the county but for a few decided to retire. one fire captain said that fire protection will not be
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compromised. the city of alameda's fire department is getting welcome help. a federal grant, the money will coast cost of six firefighter positions for two years. those jobs were first saved by a grab two years ago. this new one will keep those firefighters on the job. >> authorities in richmond are now offering a reward in connection with the shooting of a 10-year-old boy. the boy was with his mother when he was struck by the stray bullet near south 15th and main avenue at about 230. police are offering a ten thousand dollar reward. they say the man was on a bike and fired several shots at a car. one of the bullets hit the boy in the back. he is expected to recover. the family of a dodgers fan who disappeared from san francisco plans to try again to find him tomorrow. forts believe the 27-year-old may have flannen to the water and drowned monday night. a search of the bay turned up
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no sign. he and a friend had just left the giants game. his family said they are still holing out hope he is a live. >> oakland police say they will use their shots spotter technology to keep people safe over the holiday ; in this case the devices will be used to detect more than just gun fire. >> reporter: this will be the first holiday oakland police use new upgraded shot spotter technology to fight illegal fireworks as well as gun fire. >> our dispatch centers and call lines get flooded with reports of fireworks and explosions. >> reporter: in many years past fireworks up throughout town have made for a better show than many cities provide but it's all illegal. oakland's emergenciy responders are trying to prevent fires and injudge from stray bullets. >> what goes up must come down. >> reporter: take a look at all these illegal fireworks. they were taken just this afternoon. investigators say they were able to buy the illegal
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fireworks during an operation here on east 12th street. they took many more illegal fireworks from the car of two suspects. >> very dangerous. some of the stuff is commercial grade type fireworks, mortars with the dry season you can imagine a rocket goes into an older structure and can be horrible. >> reporter: as far the shot spotter technology it's now mobile in police vehicles. >> the technology monitors gun fire in realtime and immediately with in seconds, provides that information to officers in the field. >> reporter: oakland police are planning to have at least four extra squads out for july 4th. six fire stations taking illegal fireworks. no questions asked. in oakland. ktvu channel 2news. >> apple's plan for a new i- catching campus is on the fast track. the governor announced their plan for its spaceship head
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quart its has been approved as a leadership project under the state's financial and environmental requirements. that means the review process will be quicker if legal action is taken against the plan. construction is slated to start next year and be done in 2015. tonight at 10:45 a big day for apple. five years ian since the i- phone. how it's changed much more than just how we make calls. on wall street stocks staged a rally. the dow gained 277 points, it's the second biggest of the year. sdaq up 85 points. they responded to news that european leaders had reached agreements to deal wither is this debt problem. >> some food lovers make the most of the few remaining hours before a ban of foix gras . everything on the menu involve
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the food. after tomorrow night producing it or selling will be against state law and could lead to a one thousand dollar fine. >> i'm seeing culture going away. i'm seeing a price and a technique going away. >> animal rights activists say that the food is cruel because the animals force fed through a long tube down their throat and that causes their organs to swell up to ten times their normal size. sporters say its like prohabition. another law is a recycling measure that expand it's to all multi family homes in california. another bill that is called seth law is abhijit anti bullying measure to provide school was tools to prevent bullying another bill requires when new car dealers sell a vehicle they register it electric likely with the dmv.
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it also lets them charge as much as $80 for document processing. >> this tony bay area neighborhood why have some moved out because of century old toxins? >> and back in ten minutes the fog returning, the bay area weekend around the corner and that fog will have a big impact on the forecast. all the details for tomorrow.
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. happening now the holiday get away getting started. july 4th just around the corner. the number of holiday travelers could be the highest in a decade. janet live in san francisco tonight with which travel days should be the busiest. >> reporter: frank right now we are over i-280. you can see the traffic not so bad but today was very busy. aaa is basically predict that more than half of all travelers are leaving today and this year could be near record numbers. it's an american tradition and along i-80 and other highways you could see people hitting the road. aaa estimates 4.8 million are traveling this year up 5% from last year. >> probably, go to sonoma.
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with will leave in the morning to beat the traffic. usually the traffic is bad late morning hours. >> reporter: aaa said one reason for the increase is that gas prices have dropped, also the holiday falls in the middle of next week on wednesday so many about 54% of all travelers left today to stretch out the holiday. >> pretty busy soy thought the season started. >> reporter: and it's not just the roads, at sfo many travelers boarded planes. aaa estimates about 570,000 will fly this year up 9.8% from 2011. >> this is the first time going away as a family like this together. this year we are going all out. >> reporter: aaa said that next tuesday and next weekend are also expected to be busy travel days as people return from their long holidays. reporting live in san
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francisco. >> the former top official of a troubled city in los angeles county was found dead this week. park rangers found the body of the 58-year-old former city administrator of vernon in the water . he had gone for a bike ride on the island and never came home. he it's about five miles los angeles. the death the same day the state's awed for issued a cite state's auditor issued a report. a vigil held on glenn way where edmond beverly was found. loved onesavanhs say he was walking his dog sunday when he was killed. police are searching for the gunman. >> a three alarm fire in san francisco in an apartment building forced people to evacuate today and now it's a broken gas main that's keeping them from returning home. about 65 people have been displace from the building in
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the city's tender loin. flames broke out about ten this morning. investigators say it appears that the fire started in an air shaft that runs up through the building to a sky light. one woman was taken to the hospital and treated for smoke. the red cross is helping thesis chrised. a grass fire in san francisco's silver terrace neighborhood caused more concern than damage. the fire broke out in brush near a homeless camp off charter oak avenue. it was only a one acre fire but smoke could be seen for miles. one point several structures are threatened. in 15 minutes the president tours the devastation in colorado. how california is now stepping into help in the fire fight. >> only on two, new concerns for a san francisco neighborhood tonight over a contamination right under resident's feet. john fowler traced the problem
11:48 pm
back to pg&e and two plants in the area that haven't operated in more than 100 years. >> reporter: we got engineering reports showing low but troubling levels of toxins, including tce, in the air close to the ground. some residents are troubled. >> pretty scary. i would hope they would be able to clean it up. >> never smelled gas or complained. >> reporter: this view today, you may never guess the district was once a swamp. two plants operated here from the 1880s until the 1906 quake when they were bury. two areas you see here totaling about ten blocks known to be contaminated. pg&e is taking responsibility. it was not thought to be a problem until now. >> doing investigation, to identity if there are impacts, environmental impact that need
11:49 pm
to be cleaned or. >> reporter: we learned five families have elected to temporarily move at pg&e's expense to allow crews to drill on beach street. they mailed notices. >> i think they have been honest. that's a good start. >> reporter: the contamination is like this asphalt and is about five feet below ground level. so far there has been no report of serious health effects, officials are reruing documents to see if there needs to be new tests. the work here will continue through the summer. john fowler. >> huh-uh licensed driver who struck and killed a 4-year-old in a crosswalk and then left the scene learned his fate. the 23-year-old was sentenced to four years in jail. authorities say he earlier admitted to felony hit and run. and driving without a license in the crash last august that killed the 4-year-old. with credit for time served he
11:50 pm
will likely be out of prison in 18 months. >> temperatures have been cooling significantly. today was cooler still. it's because of the fog, the last week the fog was com pressed, a shallow marine layer. this week and into the weekend the fog is lifted up, it's pushing well inland. are you seeing it in san rafael, in oakland, in berkeley and toward walnut creek. it gets up toward the coastal hills and pushes in. it drop the fire danger. cleans out the air quality and drops the temperatures. daytime highs today. on the cool side. daytime highs tomorrow just like this. these temperatures 83 antioch, those should be 90. less fire danger. better air quality and mild temperatures for saturday. when i come back we will look at the weekend forecast and the holiday as well. big changes, i will let you know what you can expect. >> new information tonight about an officer involved shooting in oakland that ended with police killing two men.
11:51 pm
court documents show they had a wire tap and learned that two men were on their way to kill a third man. instead those two men, were killed by police. now four more people, described as their associates have been charged with conspiracy to commit a crime and attempted murder for that incident a little more than a year ago. >> four students learn their punishment over a bullying incident that went viral. and the man accused of beating a priest takes th [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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no, it's on me. i insist. no way. yes way. well let me chip in. [ male announcer ] send money from one bank account to another, with citibank popmoney. easier banking. every step of the way. . a man accused of beating a priest he said molested him took the stand today.
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will lynch's usual demeanor changed during his testimony. >> reporter: will lynch lost his usual cool when he took the stand today. he is a accused of beating a priest in may of 2010. he said he and his brother were raped by the priest the in 1975. on the stand lynch admitted striking him after being haunted for years by the molestation. >> we are very glad that he got to hell his-- to tell his story. . >> reporter: he repeated a interview shown to the jury saying he punched the priest after seeing when he called the same look he saw in his eyes during the alleged rape. >> i didn't understand it but sort of pulling me, getting aroused and then his eyed changed to like hate. you know like anger. hate. >> reporter: during cross by the prosecutor lynch acknowledged planning a confrontation and feeling a sense of peace after hitting him but he denied he wanted to
11:55 pm
kill him saying if i wanted him dead he would be dead. he invoked the 5th. today the judge denied another request to force the priest to testify. >> the other party won't tell you the truth. they won't tell you anything. >> reporter: lynch's supporters bitter. >> he is still free and he suffered no criminal recourse. he is suffered nothing. >> reporter: the attorneys decide lynch will be the only witness for the defense. closing arms will happen monday . >> a judge accused of stealing from elderly neighbors has decided to step away from the bench. the court sent the judge to preside over a small claims cases after he was arrested. now his attorney said he has decided to take a leave of absence until this case is resolve. the judge has denied he stole from his elderly neighbors who had trouble caring for themselves. >> we now the name of the suspect killed in an officer involved shooting in antioch.
11:56 pm
family say he is 35-year-old denny gomez. he was shot and killed in front of his house yesterday afternoon. investigators say he was the distraught and called police to say he was going to kill himself and a police officer. when authorities arrived police say he fired a weapon and that's when they shot and killed him. fire investigators in vallejo said a fire that destroyed two homes was accidentally caused by a resident. authorities say the person was working on the engine of his car when the battery sparked a fire in the garage that spread. nobody was hurt but 13 people were displayed and say that they lost pretty much everything. they are now living in temporary housing. >> four 7th grade students caught on video bullying a bus monitor have been punished. the students will be suspended for from school for a year and must complete 50 hours of community service.
11:57 pm
this video of the boys taunting the 68-year-old went viral and sparked outrage. a fundraiser for her has raised $660,000 for her. >> california now helping in the fight in colorado. more than in -- on that as the president tours the devastation. >> this is their super bowl. we couldn't be happier.
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
snoot opening of fan fest at the olympic trials. while the women's got started inside, folks outside were enjoying everything from rock climbing to bungee jumping.
12:00 am
matt keller live tonight with all of this is bringing in a lot of money. >> reporter: yeah. the competition has ended but as you can see behind me in pan pedro square the impact of the gymnastic trials is still felt. it may help to go a gymnast or athletic if are youa temperaturing but not -- but not required. it took place during the second day of trial. >> we couldn't be happier. >> it's neat, shows that how much effort you can put in. >> reporter: they met up here from san diego and texas. they were most excited about the women's couple advertise, dad is assumer man. >> not 100 degrees. houstons. >> reporter: businesses are bending over backward. the market is normally busy at night but this has been a good
12:01 am
week. sports authority said the olympic trials is scoring big for the economy. >> looking probably at 15 to $20 million in economic benefit to the community. >> reporter: more than six thousand hotel rooms booked including all 80a at the fairmont. the spa and restaurants are also getting slammed. >> one of the big. we have seen and that's why we are so thrilled. >> reporter: the fan fest continues tomorrow morning starting at ten and a block party with a michael jackson tribute band starts on saturday. reporting live. >> and we have posted pictures the trials on the website. look for the slide show tab on the home page. >> anti doping officials filed against lance armstrong. the agency is a accuse him of using blood boosters, transfusions and steriods.
12:02 am
the charges go to a panel for a hearing. if he is found guilty he could be stripped of his titles. a reminder you can get the news to go on your cell phone. down load the ktvu app and watch all the newscasts live. be connected any time, anywhere. >> the justice department announced it's not going to prosecutor eric holder for content of congress. yesterday the house voted to hold him in content for refusing to release certain documents about a gun smuggling operation. the justice department said it was not a crime. holder is the head of the justice department. late today the president signed legislation that will keep the interest on student loans from going up. congress passed the 100 billion- dollar measure in the nick of time. a number of projects would have run out of money tomorrow. the bill's co sponsor, barbara
12:03 am
boxer said it would create or save $2.8 million. millions millions -- the bill keeps interest rates on loans at 3.4%. the interest rate would have doubled starting on sun and that would have added another 1,000 dollars on average to each loan. >> the president today toured colorado neighborhoods devastated by the worst wildfire in that state's history. he visited as authorities confirm two bodies have been found in a burned out home . how firefighters are getting some much needed help. >> reporter: the president visiting colorado to look at the damage from the wildfires. the president getting a firsthand look at the fire stricken area in one of the nation's key swing states. >> when natural disasters like this hit, america comes together. we all recognize that there but for the grace of god go i. we
12:04 am
have to make sure we have each other's backs. >> reporter: he also declared a major disaster in colorado promising federal aid. >> what you see here is an example of outstanding coordination and cooperation between federal, state and local agencies. we have been putting everything we have into trying to deal with what is one of worst fires we have seen in colorado. >> reporter: more than 600 homes have been destroyed by several wildfires across colorado. the waldo yap conis now the white house the -- worst one president it's burned 350 home its and forced 30,000 to flee. firefighters are finally getting help. >> we are able to up the containment now to at least 15%. we feel with a lot of confidence based on the weather we will be able to up that number even more by the end of the day. >> reporter: the high park fire is now expected to be contained
12:05 am
this weekend. the fire started by lightning about three weeks ago has destroyed more than 250 homes. and some of the evacuation orders here have been lifted as weather conditions improve. in colorado springs colorado. >> in california helping fight the wildfires. the governor today directed the california national guard to send two planes and 30 crew members. they are scheduled to leave for colorado tomorrow morning. >> a family from indiana that had a huge loss, they were all guests at the white house today. stephanie decker lost both legs holding her two children and saving them during a tornado in martha destroyed their home in indiana. now she has a foundation to help children with artificial limbs play sports. three years after toyota recalled more than 14 million vehicles to fix acceleration problems they have identified two more model its at risk for
12:06 am
safety defects. the company announced today it's recalling 150,000lexus suv's because the floor mats can trap the gas pedal and cause it to speed up. the recall affects the 2010rx480 and the rx350suv. owner is have them serviced add soon as possible and toyota said it'll fix the problem for fry. >> frustration over a flight. how a delay led to a flight attendant melting down. >> in just ten we will go to the weekend. the holiday weekend and into the holiday and what you can expect. lots of fog and ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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. visitors in solano trying to find what caused a grass fire that threatened homes for a brief time. the fire started around 12:30 in an area north of vacaville. they contained the fire and were able to keep it from reaching homes movement san jose firefighters searched a neighborhood warning people about an arsonist they say is behind at least four fires. they say the fires were set on purpose in a neighborhood. this prompted firefighters and police to go door to door asking people to come forward with information. one said that someone took one of her recycling bins, pushed it against the house and set it on fire. >> it's a big concern. why are they doing it? what's the purpose? you know it's. it's pretty scary that somebody -- and sad as well. >> reporter: authorities say the mo in three of the four is the same. >> in news of the world, in
12:10 am
egypt the president elect took the oath of office before a huge crowd in the square. ahead of his swearing in by the military tomorrow. he may have complicated relayings with the united states by saying he would work to free the sheik he is in prison in the united states for plotting terror attacks. in japan thousands protested outside the prime minuter's office against a restart of a nuclear reactor. gentleman man shut down all of its mother plants after the tsunami triggered meltdowns. the government said it needs nuclear power to avoid power shortages this summer. a reactor in the west is to be restarted on sunday. no in china a c aps ule with the first female astronaut there floated back to earth. the three spent 13 days in space. they declared it a success.
12:11 am
china plans to complete a permanent space station by 20. it would be a fraction of the size of the international one. >> a major meltdown caught on tape. a plane delayed for hours turned in to chaos when a flight attendant lost his cool. this is video taken on monday by passengers on the grounded american eagle flight in new york city. it house the attendant lashing out at passengers, challenging them to leave. she was removed the flight was canceled all together because of the weather. the plane was headed to raleigh north carolina. >> holy load stars tom cruise and katie holmes calling quits. the couple, are divorcing after five-years. they got married in 2006 and have a daughter. cruise's attorney said holmes filed for divorce. it was the first marriage for her, the third for him. >> five-years later, has it
12:12 am
changed your life and how it's changed businesses, that and more ahead. >> it's a movie that's working its magic. the new film in theaters that has females under a spell. >>
12:13 am
12:14 am
. apple's iphone turned five today. the device changed smart phones and introduced us to the concept of apps. as mike reports it also transformed the user experience and the way people obtain and share information. >> reporter: palo alto, five- years ago today. cash in hand they came to buy. no not that phone, that phone.
12:15 am
the i-phone. 217million sold so far. >> just makes life easier. >> reporter: five-years ago the top selling company in the world was knokia, when people left they left with their heads up, now with the i-phone they are leaving work with their heads down. >> sometimes i walka the city and they all have ear phones and can't hear me. >> reporter: larry. >> if you think about it, it changed the phone industry and the pc as well. >> reporter: casey thomas agrees, her phone is her pc and she said her small company relies on it. >> lets me take credit cards which is a big part of my business now and i use the phone to doffing. talk. >> reporter: it's a camera, a phone, a newspaper, a mobile ster oh,. >> got the gps. >> reporter: it created a small economy making people rich,
12:16 am
there are about 650,000apps now available. >> not only does apple make a lot of money but hundreds of thousands of app developers some of whom are million areas because of the market. >> reporter: he acknowledged the vision and courage of steve jobs, the courage to think differently, and because he did the tech industry is doing well. ktvu. >> one of the i-phone's newer features just got a bad review. siri was given a d for being accurate. they said the voice recognition feature correctly resolved a request 62% of the time and wasn't much better in quieter spots. it's aqua feet our on the newest feature. they say they are working on improvements in the next software. >> one of the leading hospitals is paying a heavy fine after a worker and a police officer got a disease. summit medical agreed to pay a
12:17 am
fine of 84 for not protecting the pair from meningitis. we spoke to the hospital who was -- exexposed a patient with the disease and didn't know it until after he got sick. >> bad headache, my legs, i couldn't move them. the disease spread to my knees. >> the center said it's done an investigation and completed plans to prevent a similar situation from happening again. it appears females are under the spell of a new film. magic mike. ♪ [ music ] >> the film about male strippers pulled in millions. it may be on track to be the movie the summer. it's expected to pull in $25
12:18 am
million this weekend. >> and the fog is pushing back in. right now as we see we had clearing but fog a big player in the next 48 in the forecast. we will come in close and we have winds at the golden gate bridge. logging about 17-mile as hour out of the west and its it not you shotgun up here. the fog is in san francisco, shooting across by the ballpark and going to the east bay. it'll most likely be in your neighborhood tomorrow morning. i think most of us will see low clouds and fog. if you had it this morning you got it again tomorrow. tomorrow, almost a repeat of today. temperature wise. cloud cover wise, everything. sunday temperatures warm up a little bit. not much. we have a nice kind of mild pattern. when you wake up and have things to do, miami temperatures, low cloud cover. maybe a sweatshirt or jacket. by nine, ten, 11 starts to collar but at the coast where the fog is going to be a player most of the day as it was
12:19 am
today. it'll clear again tomorrow but just a little bit late in the day. low pressure the trying tryinger for the fog. pushes it inland further today and tomorrow. that is why we are in the cool and mild pattern. we aren't doing fire stories, we had a couple today. they put them out fast. when you get this kind of moisture, mild temperatures this time of year the firefighters, the men and women can get at them. that's good news if you are worried about that and the air quality was good and it'll be all weekend. 6 a.m. saturday. that's the fog cover foot print and that's a -- that has all nine bay area county, santa rosa may get out of it. burns off, gets right back to the coast late in the day. wants to stick around. homes in it but -- you know if you want fog it's a beach day but if you want sun i wouldn't go to the beach. the forecast tomorrow keeps mild temperatures all over the area. yellows and greens 60s and 70s.
12:20 am
. 67 in richmond. 76 walnut creek. 77 in livermore tomorrow. the forecast highs, quite pleasant. below the average certainly but again if you work in the firefighting industry this is huge because it's a major holiday weekend which does -- involves fireworks and we are -- in a fire danger kind of thing every summer but this pat eis help. . if you have breathing issues you love it because the air quality has been great. you can see that. >> great. thank you. >> take a look at this people watching this morning got a sneak folk peek at a new roller coaster at six flag in vallejo. >> there we go. >> this is just the beginning. >> we are going back through the station. up, halfway. now 62 miles an hour. >> that was tara who took a
12:21 am
spin. the park said the ride is the tallest inversion roller coaster west of the mississippi. they also say it reaches speeds of over 60 miles an hour. >> wow. we will have a little bit bit of extra time this weekend but you ma [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week, the farm comes to you. fresh sweet corn is an amazing 6 for a buck. arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. and honey bunches of oats just $1.88 a box. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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. it you have wished for more time in a day you will get in this weekend but it won't be much. one second to the o'clock tomorrow night. officials say that's to make up for a number of factors including the slowing of the earth's rotation. the time will read 11:59:60 before striking midnight. >> mark is here with sports
12:25 am
and i guess all good thing its end. >> yeah. you could say the giants find out how the other half live after four straight shut own outs, more foam until the 9th. the streak ends quickly. i mean how about this? first pitch of the game from matt. so ends the drama. zach, the lead up guy. over and out. 1-0. not going to be matt's night. jay bruce was a big man for the reds on their campus, four for four. and he will pick up a couple of rbis on that shot into right center. that is a problem for the out fielder. he got three rbis. matt wouldn't win his 9th straight decision. counterpart on the mound for the reds, mike look hits one out. he came in as a pitcher hitting 346. he had a couple of hits, sandoval touched him up in the 9th still a one game lead.
12:26 am
for the fine gains. when you take on texas you can't give them anything and expect them to win. oakland to generous. 2-0 lead. looking for his 11th, clutch two out hit. off the bat of crisp. carter just called up from the ninors coming in to score. he homer the laid. it all comes apart. grant, appropriately named. ly pronounce it ball four. he gave up a sing example three walk, that was the bases loaded. kind of miss judged it. took a bad angle to the ball. a center fielder by trade and showed it there. everybody scores, call it a trip example another one run game for the a's. they are onto shortened. with nadal knocked out of the womenl ton, the tournament
12:27 am
nearly looses more glitz, the great federer drops the first two sets against a unknown. not wet behind the ears, he kept his cool. eight time he comes back after finding himself down a couple sets. on to the 4th round, federer at wimbledon. temperatures up over the century mark in maryland for the at&t national. a 50 fought eagle. he is -- five back of hunter. hallway through that. that's the sporting life for a friday night. >> that was a serious put. >> thank you. >> and thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> morning on two will cover all the overnight news to
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